Monday 19 January, X42

The Secret of the Cave

It had been some time since Avi had last taken what she called "the shortcut" through the woods. She liked to call it that, because it was a shortcut, and it did go through the woods, though it rarely seemed to save her any amount of time at all. This was because Avi hated going anywhere in a straight line, and because Avi loved getting lost on her way to work.

All the best people got lost.

It had been even longer still since Avi last came across something unusual in the woods. The woods had many secrets, as all woods do, but Avi, having got lost in them many times, knew almost all of them, and so very few of them were left that could be something unusual, at least to Avi.

Today was, then, shaping up to be an unusual day for Avi, for Avi had come across something most unusual, as Avi had not been aware of there being a metal hatch in-between any of the bushes. Curious, as Avi was, she hid behind a tree, and watched a small, lumpy figure climb down into the hatch. Avi did not have to think for very long about what to do next.

From the start...