Tuesday 20 January, X42

The Secret of the Cave

Watching the small lumpy figure descend into the hatch from behind a tree, Avi played through dozens of questions in her head. Who was this person? Why had she never met this person? What was this person doing descending into a hatch in the middle of the forest? Had that hatch been there all along, or was the hatch new? Avi had no answers.

Then Avi had to run, because the hatch was closing behind the figure. Or above the figure, Avi supposed. But Avi caught the hatch before it shut.

Avi would later admit the hatch was closing pretty slowly, and that she had all the time in the world, but Avi did not know that in this moment.

It turns out that there wasn't just a hatch in the middle of the forest, but that there was a whole cave in the middle of the forest. Was the hatch just a way of getting into a cave that had been there all along, or had the cave been dug below the forest, in total secrecy, below Avi's walk to work? Sticking her head down the hatch, Avi was determined to find answers.

From the start...